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Quora – Why you need to be using this service

What is Quora? It took a few hours for me to “get it”, but after reading around and having a play here’s where I’m at.

A global Q+A site that actually works!

Unlike Yahoo! Answers or LinkedIn’s Q+A, the hooks to other Social networks make this very easy to spread to your existing network.  Unlike Facebook Questions, the ability to search for, or ask questions is exceptionally easy.  If you have a burning question you cannot get answered anywhere else, try it! You will be impressed.

The Geek reaction is palpable

I found Techcrunch’s article by MG Seigler a little whacky when I first read it.  Claims like “Is Quora the biggest blogging innovation in 10 years?” are pretty strong.

It’s worth remembering Quora has been around for a few months, and has been steadily winning over sceptics, and beginning to form consensus.

Adam at Comms Corner makes the case for why brands need to get into the FAQ space, like they have done Social Media.

1) If you don’t someone else will answer questions on behalf of your brand – like the early days of Wikipedia.

2) This is a great way to find dissatisfied customers and help them get the best from your product.

Emergence of global, centralised tools & products

We now have Wikipedia (Encyclopaedia), Google (Search,Translate), Facebook (Social), Skype (Speak), Ebay (Marketplace) and many more tools where the world comes together on one platform.  They all benefit from the network effect.  They are made better by the fact that everyone uses them.  Delaying moving to these platforms, means you miss the party & miss the opportunity.

  • Have you used Quora?
  • Will you sign up?
  • Have you got any value from it?
  • Do you think it will become mainstream?