About Me

Welcome to sytaylor.net!


My day job involves making Fintech a commercial reality as a co-founder at 11:FS.   If you want to know more perhaps check out my Linkedin?  I post plenty of updates there for all things FinTech


In my spare time I’m driven by curiosity, the ideas that will change our world and the software engineers making that world a reality.  I get really excited by those ideas where Tech meets Philosophy and Economics.

What motivates me?

My goal is to help companies and entrepreneurs find their USP, growth hack and make a difference in the world.

What’s the blog about?

All sorts really.  At the time of writing this blog chronicles thoughts, musings and ideas from the lunatic fringe of FinTech, Tech and all things Mobile.

Want to say hello?

Email me simon@11fs.co.uk contact me on twitter @sytaylor or via facebook

  • Imustbebland

    You sound like a cunt!! To many contrived and conceited para phrases… Social Media space… business brand… in the wild? Good luck.

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