New music, New Social Networking, New Cloud?

Yes, I do love the new TI & Justin Timberlake song. The production is stunning, it has strings and hippety hop all in the same song. It’s well done, catchy and has a good message. Still there are a few things in there that are annoying. Hip hop has this whole “eyyyyyyy, ohhhhhhhh” thing going on which could be more annoying than stubbing your toe.

After a month or so on Twitter I think I finally get it. By blogging about it, I also join the ranks of the millions of people who do nothing but twitter on about twitter. It’s brilliance is that people actually write what they are interested in or up to. With blogs people try to be interesting, or at least have enough content to fill a blog. The character limit and the the URL linking you can be on the bleeding edge of any subject within a matter of seconds.

It got me thinking.

Doesn’t email seem like a long time ago now? Why don’t all my other services work like twitter, with lots of interesting apps and ways to organise data streaming from what is otherwise pretty unorganised. My MP3s are sorted by artist, my movies by year… but if the Cloud netowork or Semantic web is so smart… Why can’t it join up all my data too and sort it in the way twitter does.

The beauty of the cloud is that it works with tripples. That means that we have more than just data and it’s title. We know how it relates to other data instantly. A cloud network knows the difference between an MP3 and an avi. It could then sort that data for you, or search it… or tell you who of your friends also has it. Or what they thought of it if they blogged, tweeted or posted on a forum about it.

Services like glue are heading in that direction… but until someone joins the dots. We have a lot of floating data that isn’t working as hard is it could. If I want to learn about a subject, or have been given a task I don’t know how to complete as a competant net savvy member of Generation Y I would have gone to google or wikipedia and found something

Now I’m including twitter in that search. That shift is seismic and it’s coming.